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N-Asset is aware of the importance of personal information and will take the following measures to protect the personal information properly. The Company proposes below guidelines for the protection and handling of personal information on this service. If the privacy statement posted on this service is not observed, please contact the following inquiries.

Article 1 (About the Service)

  • (1)The user shall prepare communication equipment, software, Internet connection, etc., to use the service at his/her own responsibility and expense.
  • (2)This service includes providing information through this website and providing other information.

Article 2 (Amendments to this Agreement)

  • (1)The Company may change terms and conditions without the approval of the user, in a manner determined by the Company. In this case, the terms and conditions shall be in accordance with the amended terms and conditions.
  • (2)This service includes providing information through this website and providing other information.

Article 3 (Notice from the Company)

  • (1)The Company shall notify the user the necessary information to use the Service by posting on the Service pages , or by other methods and to the extent that the Company deems appropriate.
  • (2)The Notice stated in the above paragraph shall be effective from the time the Company posts the content of the notice on the Service page.

Article 4 (Copyright)

The copyrights to the contents of the pages, etc. provided by the Company about the Service, the screen design, and all other copyrighted documents belong to the Company or a Party appointed by the Company.

Article 5 (The Signing of The Use Agreement)

  • (1)The user shall apply for the service by entering and transmitting the necessary information to our company in order to use the service, and at the time transmitting information is stored in the server of the service, The Use Agreement is deemed to be established.
  • (2)

    In spite of the provisions of the above paragraph and the rest of these Terms of Use, the Company cannot sign The Use Agreement in any of the following cases:
    1. When subscribers of this service does not exist
    2. When entering incorrect, mistaken or incompleted data at the time of service registration.
    3. When the Company considers it inappropriately for any reasons.

Article 6 (Service Fees )

There shall be no charges for using Service.

Article 7 (Suspension and Cancellation)

The Company may temporarily suspend the Service without prior notification or approval of the User in the following cases:

  • (1)In case of performing maintenance and equipment damaged by the fault provider.
  • (2)In case of the Service cannot be provided due to an unavoidable event.
  • (3)In case of backing up necessary data of the Service .
  • (4)In case of Other unavoidable cases due to operational or technical reasons..

Article 8 (Advertising, etc.)

The Company may post advertisements provided by third parties on the Service pages . Posted advertisements are the responsibility of the advertising provider, and the Company does not guarantee the accuracy or legality of such advertisements, and shall not be responsible for them in any way.

Article 9 (Personal Information)

The Company will process personally identifiable information in the servicee (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") as follows

  • (1)To contact, notify, and send documents regarding our products.
  • (2)To provide information from our company.
  • (3)To send information about our products, campaign information (including advertisements) and documents.
  • (4)To contact and response your questions and opinions.
  • (5)To contact and response to your inquiries or problems that occur in the use of this service.
  • (6)To help the service operate stably for a long time.
  • (7)To use as marketing data, yet guarantee the Customer’s Confidential Information.

Article 10 (Prohibited Acts)

When using the Service, the User is not allowed to perform any of the following acts:

  • (1)Falsifying information about the Service.
  • (2)Using the Service by pretending to be someone other than the User.
  • (3)Sending or writing harmful computer programs, etc.
  • (4)Any action that infringes on the property, reputation or privacy of the Company or a third party.
  • (5)Collecting personal information of a third party or the Company without the approval of the individual or by fraudulent means.
  • (6)Any acts that interferes with the use or provision of the Service..
  • (7)Copyright infringement acts or other intellectual property rights of a third party or the Company.
  • (8)Acts contrary to laws and regulations or order and public morals.
  • (9)Business activities using the Service and other commercial purposes.
  • (10)Acts that damage the reputation of the Company or cause damage to the Company
  • (11)Any other acts that the Company deems inappropriate..

Article 11 (Scope of Responsibility)

The company will not be responsible for any loss of users or third parties (including other users) due to the reasons are regulated in Article 5 or the following cases:

  • (1)In the case the service cannot be used due to malfunction of the user's device.
  • (2)If the user violates these terms and conditions.
  • (3)If there is a dispute between the user and a third party due to using this service, or when the user causes damage to a third party, except in cases where the cause of the dispute or damage is caused by our company.
  • (4)In case there is any other damage caused to the user or a third party through the use of this service which is not our company's fault.

Article 12 (Other issues not provided for in the agreement)

If there is any doubt regarding the terms which are not specified in this agreement,The parties will discuss and resolve in good faith.

Article 13 (Contact Information)

For more information , Please contact us as the below information :

Điện thoại:+84-(0)28-3822-4300

Revisions and Changes to the Basic Policy.

This basic policy may be changed as needed due to a change of situation and issuance, as well as amend the law and regulations.